Sunday, February 5, 2012

7(ish) Layer Dip

I say -ish because I don't like olives and therefore didn't add them...

Everyone loves a layer dip. I actually didn't like 7 layer dip until college. Hell I didn't really like guacamole until a few years ago.

But oh how I love this dip.

Here is what I used to make mine for the Superbowl:

1 can fat free refried beans (healthy right?)
3/4 large container of light sour cream (light is healthier...)
taco seasoning
fresh guacamole
1 cup 2% shredded cheese (2% is better than 100%...)
1 large tomato
green onions

Start with a layer of beans -

Then the guacamole (made fresh at my grocery store)

Then put the sour cream in a bowl and pull out some taco seasoning.
Personally I love Penzy's Taco Seasoning
I keep it on hand always.
Then mix it all up and add it to the dish:

Then use your badly manicured/chewed upon hand to add the cheese:
Now add un-uniformly chopped tomatoes:
Confession: I hate raw tomatoes. I think they smell funny and taste like grass. But, I can't have them missing on this dip so I just pick them off my serving.
Yet I will eat them in a bit of guacamole.
Go figure.
Now for some green onions:

If you have or like olives, chop some up and add them to the top. I actually was going to add them to one half but after 10 minutes of not finding them in the store, I gave up.
Happy Super Bowl everyone!